Letter to CEO Per-Arne Andersson Kinnarp AB 17 august 2015

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Date: 2015-08-17

Per-Arne Andersson

Kinnarps AB
Fannys väg 5
131 54 Nacka



I’m sure you already know who I am and why you have my letter in your hand.

I expect help from you as CEO in Kinnarps AB, but before we come to that, I will remind you of the reason for this letter and begin with this photo.



This poorly constructed chair injured me for the rest of my life. Your company manufactured a number of dangerous chairs and delivered them to customers before week 50, 2001, according to your reseller in Nyköping Sweden and your Customer Quality Manager Rolf Johansson. You delivered an number of dangerous chairs to county of Sormland.

It is sad that your company didn’t warn the employees working for your customer (County of Sörmland), because there were still dangerous chairs that you haven’t discovered. It would have been very easy for you to warn and nobody would have been injured. Just a simple text issued in a mail or on intranet, ”Look under the seat and if the plastic part is black, don’t sit on it, put the chair away, it’s dangerous and send information to Kinnarp immediately. If the plastic part is grey, then the chair is harmless and OK”.

Per-Arne Andersson, if you wonder, I can tell you that it is very painfull for me to know that such an easy control could have prevented all the injuries my body was inflicted by your chair!

The 12 march 2010, one of your malconstructed chairs broke into pieces at a department of county of Sormland in Eskilstuna, it broke down because of the reason mentioned above. Your company Kinnarp AB sent a repairer who mended the chair, but no warnings to the employees were issued. This accident is well-documented in a special system (Synergi) designed for this purpose that the county of Sörmland uses. Furthermore I have been in contact with Head of that department and he verifies the accident and has given me more information about the dangerous chair. Information about an accident, that your lawyer, Customer Quality Manager and your local branches denies ever had happened. I guess it must be very embarrasing for you to know that?!

When your company failed to warn the employees it led inevitably to the accident that your company inflicted me, the 12 october 2010, seven months after the first accident the same year. This injured me for life and you and your company bear the full responsibility for my injuries. On the photo below you can se three of them, shoulder, knees and neck (spine).



If you ever wonder about the consequences for me and my family you can read about it on my homepage. The address is http://www.arbetsskador.blogg.se

I want to write about the claim settlement made by your insurance company (Länsförsäkringar Skaraborg). They have had the ”generosity” that on your companys behalf pay me the amount of 2 212 SEK and at the same time declare to me that it will cover a healing time about two to three weeks! I suppose your company is the most important customer to this insurance company, but you had to admit it is a bit embarrassing for you.

Here is my question to you. Could you, please help me with, how I should spend the amount; 2 212 SEK. I have made a table and put in the real amount (expenditures) the accident (that your company are responsible for) has caused me. There is a column where you can put in appropriate amount and make sum up to 2 212 SEK. I have only listed expenditures for the period 12 october 2010 to 31 december 2014 and I have receipts for most of it.




Description of expenditure


Your proposal to distribute the amount

Travel from my home to my offfice

14 000 SEK


Cost for a used car, after the accident I couldn’t no longer use municipal transports

83 700 SEK



1 000 SEK


Healthcare at least 250 occasions, including two operations and transportation.

45 800 SEK


Drugs including transportation.

16 500 SEK


Costs for a lawyer including transportation.

32 500 SEK


Läkarbesök vid minst 50 tillfällen inkl. resor Doctor visits at least 50 occasions transportation included

20 000 SEK


Miscellaneous, stamps, telephone etc

1 000 SEK


Lost earnings october 2010 – december 2014

887 000 SEK



1 087 500 SEK

2 212 SEK

I thank you in advance for your help with the distribution of expenditure. I have also sent this letter to COO Anders Andersson in the case you have vacation or feel prevented to answer.

You are always welcome to visit me for a dialogue at my home or outside any of your company branches where I demonstrates against your company Kinnarps bad behavior and treatment of a customer injured by your malconstructed officechair.

Best regards,

Kenth Lampa thru Margareta Bergqvist-Lampa